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df26x df26x3 months ago
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The title says it all.


I'm really bad at this. Remember that post from last month? I hadn't worked on ANY of those projects since then. I finally got some work done today.


It's odd, really. I rarely work on projects, yet I feel so passionate about them. I'm the only reason none of these do well. I work on them extremely slowly and then I rarely even finish them. If I do end up finishing one, it goes absolutely no where because I took so long and nobody cares anymore. I have too many "good" ideas (Or atleast I think they're good.), but I ne...

df26x df26x4 months ago
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Hey there.


I announced I was going to be doing some projects such as "WoodCouchGames" and "Archanda". Both of which I plan on still doing, however I am thinking back some others, but because of this, I haven't been working on any of them. To list a few:

  • WoodCouchGames [1.8.x-1.16.1]
    • An LCG "Reboot", but probably more of a "Memorial" lol
  • Archanda [1.8.x-1.16.1]
    • Old Skyblock Server that never really launched cos it got shut down the first day due to a server misconfiguration.
  • SMPCubed [1.16.1]
    • A Private "YouTube/Twitch" SMP that incorporates voice chat. [Whitelisted...
df26x df26x5 months ago
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Hey there everybody!


I started this private smp a while back, just as a place for me and my friends to play some mc. However, it's getting a bit boring and lonely. We recently updated to 1.16.1, as well as, I will be adding things like Backpacks in the near future. If you would like to join, join the discord HERE.

We only have a few rules on the server as these are a few:

  • No Stealing
  • No Griefing/Raiding
  • Respect people's houses/landscapes
  • Just be an overall likeable human being
  • No lag machines
  • No duplicating/us...
df26x df26x6 months ago
166 3

A few minutes ago I posted this on Archanda's website. (Yes, I'm still paying for it lol)

Does anyone feel like playing it anymore? I had been working on it so hard that I grew a slight distaste for it– and therefore had no interest anymore. BUT a few months have passed and I am curious about working on it again. I guess as a testimate to see if anyone...

df26x df26x6 months ago
167 1

Ayy, it's that time again!

For the last few weeks, me and some of the previous, long-term members of LCG and have been working in the background on WCG. I have been widdling away at it for a while now, and we got a few good games going.

As of writing this, there are 3 working games and a fourth in the making! I also just got done with a large chunk of the website, so if any of you guys wanna try it out, the domain is [REDACTED] (view edit)

Here's a few teaser images I haven't pu...