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Poll Update on Projects
Started by df26x

Hey there.


I announced I was going to be doing some projects such as "WoodCouchGames" and "Archanda". Both of which I plan on still doing, however I am thinking back some others, but because of this, I haven't been working on any of them. To list a few:

  • WoodCouchGames [1.8.x-1.16.1]
    • An LCG "Reboot", but probably more of a "Memorial" lol
  • Archanda [1.8.x-1.16.1]
    • Old Skyblock Server that never really launched cos it got shut down the first day due to a server misconfiguration.
  • SMPCubed [1.16.1]
    • A Private "YouTube/Twitch" SMP that incorporates voice chat. [Whitelisted]
  • AmethystPVP [1.8.x]
    • One of my old KitPvP Projects that actually had a lot of potential. Never got announced/released.
  • ???
    • I can't release the name of this one yet, but it's a popular minigame at the moment.
      • I can almost guaruntee it will be fun, it's just a pain in the ass to develop.


Anyways, place your votes on which you'd like to see first, since currently I am just throwing a little bit into each day by day. Check out the Google Form below to cast your votes on which you'd like to see. CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON THE POLL.

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