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How's the new website look? Let me know in discussion! If you have any tips, please do tell me them in suggestions on the forums!

WoodCouchGames, an LCG Reboot.
Started by df26x

Ayy, it's that time again!

For the last few weeks, me and some of the previous, long-term members of LCG and have been working in the background on WCG. I have been widdling away at it for a while now, and we got a few good games going.

As of writing this, there are 3 working games and a fourth in the making! I also just got done with a large chunk of the website, so if any of you guys wanna try it out, the domain is [REDACTED] (view edit)

Here's a few teaser images I haven't put on the website yet! I just realized I might have left them back at home, in which I'd either have to re-do them or wait a few weeks. :(

That's all I have for now, but I do plan on keeping this thread updated in the near future! :D


  - Spqrrow, df26x.


[EDIT: MAY 26, 2020]: It looks like the "Free website hosting included with Minecraft Hosting Plan" was a load of garbage. Seriously. It took like 3 days to set up on my account, and the catch is it is so incredibly slow that it literally doesn't load on some devices. SO, because of that, it is temporarily shutdown, and I will be setting it up on a new host. Keep ya updated.


[EDIT: MAY 28, 2020]: Short update, got new hosting and everything seems to be a little bit better. Site works on mobile now too! Anyways, I'm gonna add a few more posts and structure, and we should have it up and running in no time!

Also, if you create an account, and click the "Follow" button above or below to post, you will get future updates when I add any more edits! (or you could just wait for the WCG website to be completed and sign up over there. Either works.)


[EDIT: JUNE 9. 2020]: Slow progress. Been away from home for the last 2 weeks, and I head back this upcoming Friday. (Progress will resume around then) Until then, the website is still a bit buggy, and I can't seem to figure out why. Anyways, I'm opening it to anyone reading this. The domain is Take a look around, let me know how it looks and feels, and I'll get back to it soon!

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