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How's the new website look? Let me know in discussion! If you have any tips, please do tell me them in suggestions on the forums!
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Also! Christmas/Winter theme has been enabled for the website. This will have snow particles falling down all over the screen! Merry Christmas!   P.S. If you wanna turn it off, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click 'Disable Particles'. This will turn them off. :-)
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Hey guys, it's been a while. Yeah, I'm still alive. I've been working on a lot behind the scenes, and I'm working on releasing very late & old videos like VSS Kit Mode. (More on that later) Lets get started on some of the updates.   EvanMCGaming & EvanX2 You might have heard of Evanmcgaming in the last 2 weeks or so. You might've seen one of these videos in your feed. His channel absolutely ignited. Huge congratz to him. Why am I bringing this up? About a month ago he hosted an editing tournament/competition that I entered. The winner would be his paid editor for his second channel EvanX2. Me and this other lad ImNotBeckett won the competition and we are both now editors for EvanX2. This is huge news for myself, especially with the recent growth of his main channel, I really hope to see some growth move over to EvanX2 as well. If you wanna check out any of the videos on EvanX2, you can HERE. Also here are the video's I've edited so far. :D   Late/Outdated Videos   I have a few videos that I completely stopped working on. I will be uploading them to both channels depending on how far completed they are. VSS Kit Mode will go up on Poffley at around 90% completion, whereas R3B1 First Impressions will go out on my second channel since it's super outdated. (R4 is out rn lol)   Minecraft Servers   I've stopped Servers for the most part now. What I am doing however, is I host and manage some parts of the Evanmcgaming EVENT Server. You can find the Discord for that here if you want to join:   Site Rebranding   In 2021, I am planning to do a brand rename. I still love df26x, but I feel like it doesn't really fit with the rest of my image. The current options are; 1) Stick with 2) Change to  Poffley .tv 3) Change to  Devante .net (None of the site's data would be lost fyi)     Poffley .tv    I like Poffley .tv because it factors in my YouTube and Twitch into one domain. Poffley is my name that I am trying to rebrand my channel to, and I feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot by not fully rebranding to it. However, it's a bit of a more expensive change at $24/yr, but I can handle it since my current is $16/yr.      Devante .net    Devante Fox is my internet pen name, for anyone wondering. This is for two reasons, I don't want to give everyone my legal first and last name on the internet. I will if I am required, however for basic needs, I will not. Also, I get to keep my initials. When I saw that this domain is available I got very excited and felt like it would really define who I am, especially if my 'portfolio' was this.      Decided?     You can vote here:      (For the name thing, just put a username or something. Just want to see who's out there 🙂)   Wrap Up     Well, that's about all I got right now. If I feel like I left something major out, I will edit this post– so keep an eye out! Thanks guys.   - Devante ;)
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Also, Archanda's development is going to be slow. With that being said, it's recommended to join our DISCORD HERE, since I stopped paying for the website temporarily. (Don't worry, I have a backup)
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The title says it all.   I'm really bad at this. Remember that post from last month? I hadn't worked on ANY of those projects since then. I finally got some work done today.   It's odd, really. I rarely work on projects, yet I feel so passionate about them. I'm the only reason none of these do well. I work on them extremely slowly and then I rarely even finish them. If I do end up finishing one, it goes absolutely no where because I took so long and nobody cares anymore. I have too many "good" ideas (Or atleast I think they're good.), but I never go anywhere with them.   With that being said, take everything I say here with a grain of salt. I understand that I've been slowly fading out of relevance and I have nobody to blame but myself. If anybody out there still likes what I do, and you would like to help out, reach out to me on Discord or Twitter. Okay, that's it for now. I'll see you guys next month. :P Discord: twevante#7895 Twitter: @SparrowSucks    
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